I simply love what I do and am so grateful when clients write up on their HypnocoachingMK experience!

I went to see Sabine to manage a bad habit I was personally having with red wine and salty crisps.

I would drink a whole bottle of red wine and a large family packet of crisps up to 3 nights during week, over time this has played a big part of weight gain. It also made me feel grumpy in the mornings whilst getting ready for work and getting the kids ready for school etc.

I wanted to drink less alcohol, eat less junk food and exercise more!

Sabine helped me to stop the autopilot and managed over a few weeks to change this habit. I was surprised to find that without willpower over time I slowly stopped this habit of drinking wine and eating crisps.

We discovered that wine makes me feel relaxed and stimulated at the same time. Sabine helped me to find other tools to achieve these 2 feelings together and she used a weight loss script combined with an enhanced for creativity. This lead me to start walking, jogging and reading again to fill the space of comfort eating and drinking. I found myself easily finding ways to exercise during the working week.

6 weeks later my mindset has changed and even though I still drink socially at weekends, I don’t feel the urge to regularly drink wine and eat crisps during the week.

Also I feel I have a surge of creativity and activity which makes me feel stimulated!
I am going to begin a walking group to help others get back into exercise.

I am really happy with the results Sabine has given me.